Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What's your Guilty Pleasure?

C'mon, we all have one....or two!  They are the things that make life just a little bit sweeter but for some reason we feel guilty about partaking.  They're not bad, just a bit indulgent for one reason or another..... Is it an afternoon snooze?  A slushie at the grocery?  The perfect pair of heels? How about reality TV?  Do you sing ABBA songs in the shower?  Play hookie? Why do we feel guilty about these simple little occasional indulgences?  I'm lovin' my latest and shhhhh, I didn't even feel too guilty buying it!   I'll share mine....won't you please share yours?  I'd love to hear what makes you say, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....
 It costs WAY too much at $32.00 for just 3.4 fl.oz but smells AMAZING and my skin is SOOOOO soft after using it.  I love the scent so much I will steel a smell of my arm during the day ;0  It's Enriched with almond proteins and oil and essential oils of peppermint, palmarosa and Immortelle, works to protect the skin's support tissue and fight against loss of elasticity. Who couldn't use a bit of that?  So, after I clip coupons, shop the bargain racks, and condense my trips to save on the gas station bill, I will not feel sooooo guilty about my little "guilty pleasure".  We all need to experience a bit of grace and goodness in this wild busy world.  And, in return, I may be a bit more patient and "supple" with my friends and family.  Ahhhhhhhh, a benefit for all.  ;-)  Bon bon's anyone?

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  1. This sounds like wonderful stuff!!!

    I think my guilty pleasure is my OPI polish...IT IS EXPENSIVE!