Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I ruined the royal wedding!

I had a dream that I was a bride's maid of Miss. Catherine Middleton (AKA: Kate),  and in THE royal wedding!  I was beautiful in my "pretty-in-pink" lace v-neck gown, oh ~ but my shoes weren't just right and we were in line to go into the church.  Lucky for me there were stores all around and I only needed to slip out for "a minute".  But when I returned, the groomsmen had already ushered the pink frilly girls into the sanctuary.  The media were snapping shot after shot.....oh, why did I need to run out and miss the grand entrance!?!  So I tried to slip in inconspicuously  but I was certainly noticed, AND, I must have left my purple flower bouquet at one of the shops!  Gulp.  Princess Kate was so very annoyed with me after the wedding and could barely look my way.  Terrible, just terrible.  

Now, ask me what HER gown looked like?  
I have no memory of it even in my dream.  We'll have to see tomorrow.  You know I'll be cking out the bridesmaid's dresses!  If they are pink lace, I may swoon!  And if their bouquet's purple.....

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