Sunday, April 3, 2011

Adoption Alert!

US Adoptions are happening more often and faster than you might believe.  Many avoid domestic adoption due to the false belief that they will have an extremely long wait, I want to bust that myth.   Not only am I an Adoption Assessor who has the privilege of watching families formed through adoption on a regular basis, I am an adoptive mother too.  It took a whole whoppin' 7 weeks for my placement.  YES, that is mighty quick...quicker than most...  BUT I see adoptions happen so often that I have decided to post an "Adoption Alert!" every time I hold one of these newly placed blessings.  So, to catch up on 2011, I have already held ELEVEN-11, yes ELEVEN freshly born and placed newborn infants, just in my regular circle of daily work this year.  Can't show the baby I'm holding in this photo, but can you see the joy in my eyes?  I am so thrilled to hold these little blessings and to see the joy in the Adoptive Families' eyes.  It happens friends, have hope.   Ck out this info  posted on site, "Despite myths to the contrary, domestic newborn adoption remains alive and well in the United States. Current estimates of the annual number of infants adopted domestically (excluding foster and relative adoption) range from 25,000 to 30,000—more than all international adoptions combined. Moreover, the process can go much more swiftly that you might imagine. In a 2007 Adoptive Families survey, the majority of respondents were matched with a birthmother in less than 12 months, and 15% got "the call" to travel after the baby had already been born, without a prematch."

Have hope!  I truly believe that God has a divine plan to bring each child to their intended parents, no matter by birth or adoption.  Step out in faith!  Oh, and just in case you think I am favoring domestic adoption, really I'm not.  I also work with international placements as well.  Hmmmm, I think I will post each time I hold one of those freshly placed blessings as well ;).


  1. That is so awesome!! Makes my heart happy!!

  2. Thanks gals! You two have been a great encouragement to many who are waiting ;)