Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Traveling through time and country......

My mother taught me many things,  she is a free spirit and enjoys life.  It was 1955, she had graduated from college and taught school for a few years and, there was no prince charming worthy of settling down for yet.  Her sister was teaching at an American school in Germany.  Sooooo, why not move to Europe too?  No teaching jobs were available. She found a job planning parties for the military.  In her free time and in search of party props she would hop the train, with or without a friend, and travel to the many surrounding sites and countries.  No fear of traveling alone, just adventure to seek. She is 82 now.  I have not traveled extensively, yet!  But I have lived vividly through the photos my Mom took and the memories she shares.  Oh the sights and the parties....I hope to share a few with you here.  Will you travel with me through time and country?  This shot was taken in Italy, at the Trevi Fountain in Rome.  The boy? Who knows, my mother gathers new friends regularly.  She said that she was teaching him how to "wish on a penny."

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