Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Creative Contact

Creative Contact .....
My two tween girls have been busy creatively using contact paper.  Who needs expensive wall decals?  Need a chalk board?  How about a dress form?  All supplied easily and inexpensively by using contact paper.

The idea stemmed from the desire to paint fashion items on my daughter’s walls with black paint.  I briefly considered using chalk board paint as I wanted her to have the option of continuously designing on the dress form or putting patters on the purse....a sort of interactive art piece.  
I decided to look for a more removable option and tried using black contact paper.  To my surprise it was EASY to chalk on and to erase marks, EASY to personalize by tracing a dress form from her own body, EASY to apply and EASY to remove.  

My other daughter is into hats and loves owl’s... she applied her own design to her door and desk.  She even covered a pencil tin.  


The options are endless!  We went a little crazy covering all kinds of surfaces.....
let the imagination take over!  

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  1. Very cool. MMDK still has her "M" to claim her cubbie thanks to your contact paper.